One of Sony's first 'new' ideas is a smartwatch that's all e-ink

Sony's first idea to be born out of its new built-in "venture style" plan to create new products and impress, well, you and me, is apparently a combination of its e-ink reader tech and a smartwatch device. According to people familiar with the matter, both the watch face and wristband will be crafted from a "patented material" that'll be able to offer up all kinds of displays and different designs -- something that is also the thinking between the image you see above. That's no Sony prototype, but FES' e-ink watch: a device that's seeking crowdfunding in, oh, Japan. Using e-ink could also differentiate the product, if it happens, from the Pebble, which uses a lower-resolution monochrome LCD instead.

According to Bloomberg's sources, the device will emphasize style rather than high-spec technology. Other new projects from the... new projects division apparent include a building block system allowing professionals and amateurs alike to craft prototype electronics products of their own, called MESH, will encompass sensors, LEDS and buttons - sort of like these littleBits. The interface would be delivered through a tablet app for the sake of accessibility. Of course, when we'll actually see either product isn't yet known, but it could offer up some new uses for any resources that might need repurposing.