Firefox's latest update makes Yahoo the default search option

That was fast. It was just two weeks ago that Mozilla announced a deal making Yahoo the default search engine in Firefox, and now you can download an updated version of the desktop web browser (Firefox 34) that uses Yahoo as its out-of-the-box search option in North America. The app thankfully won't override your existing choice if you're a veteran user, but it will ask once if you'd like to switch. Android users aren't seeing a similar change in search providers, although it's likely just a matter of time.

The new release isn't just about the new partnership, of course. On PCs, you'll get one-click site searches and the Hello real-time chat client; with Android, the biggest update is support for mirroring browser tabs on Google's Chromecast media stick. Mozilla has also disabled support on both platforms for the old SSL 3.0 standard to guard against web encryption exploits. This Firefox update probably won't get you to switch browsers, but it's big enough that you'll want to update an existing copy in short order.