The Queue: Khadgar is not your minion

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|12.01.14

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Alex Ziebart
December 1st, 2014
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Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

Another Monday shortday!

CaptainCakewalk asked:

What is that little change in Warlords that you really like / love? My vote would go to the random upgrading of gear, it's given me pieces of gear which are often Epic quality when I really needed them, it's amazing!

Your answer was my answer before I finished reading what you wrote! The item upgrades add a new level of excitement to getting loot from quests. Generally, you look at quest items and go "yeah, I can use that, sure." An upgrade is nice, but not thrilling. When you get a random epic upgrade, though? That's awesome!

Interestingly, I feel the opposite way about garrison followers. Quest items, even when you get an epic, you know you'll replace them pretty quickly at max level. As soon as you're doing heroics, those quest item upgrades are null and void. Followers? Followers stick around for awhile. Now that I'm playing alts, I'm going "oh man, my main got an epic version of that follower. Now I have to level it all the way to epic. That's going to suck." Not getting the upgrade feels punishing and makes me wish they all started at the same baseline. Getting the random upgrade could save weeks of time. Not getting it means losing weeks of time.

Mythriak asked:

Do you think we'll get Khadgar as a legendary follower by the end of the legendary questline?

Khadgar seems a little too important to become a garrison follower. I expect characters like that have a little too much agency to become our questing underlings. In fact, I'd feel really weird if he did become a follower. Can you imagine Varian Wrynn being a follower? Even if you don't think much of him, you have to admit it would be odd for a king to be your minion.

Dest asked:

Why in sargeras' name does Raw riverbeast meat drop only from basilisks? Spent a while farming riverbeasts and getting nothing before heading to wowhead. I know there's the theory that the basilisks ate the riverbeasts, but do you think this is by design?

I can only assume that's a bug.

@french4jonwayne asked:

How does pacing of invasions work? Is it like the faster you kill, the more enemies you get? Looking at Gold ranking.

The middle stage of garrison invasions is on a timer. Essentially, yes, the faster you kill, the more points you rack up. You need to dispatch as many enemies as possible in that timeframe. There are other elements in play, too. For example, during that phase, enemies will try to burn down buildings in your garrison. You get bonus points for every surviving building. You get bonus points for every surviving guard. You also get bonus points for mini-events that happen during that phase, such as special mobs spawning or escorting townies to safety. You need to rack up a total of 1,000 points to get gold. That's not an easy task when solo, so bringing friends along is your best bet. I brought two friends on my first (non-tutorial) garrison invasion and we fell short at 901.

@french4jonwayne also asked:

I see an unused cul-de-sac near the front gate of my Tier 3 Garrison. Any bets on whether a future building slot will go there?

I believe that's a relic of garrisons originally allowing more buildings than it does now. They reduced the number after they made the garrison map/terrain and didn't change it. It's possible they'll expand the garrison again to utilize that space, but probably not for awhile, if at all.
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