Dead Island 2 beta exclusive to PlayStation 4 for 30 days

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Dead Island 2 beta exclusive to PlayStation 4 for 30 days
Tucked inside an unassuming FAQ is news that Yager's first-person open-world zombie apocalypse fantasy Dead Island 2 will enter beta testing on the PlayStation 4 prior to the Xbox One and PC.

This timed exclusivity was discovered by players who pre-ordered the recent Escape Dead Island spin-off from GameStop and received a bonus code for an eventual Dead Island 2 beta test. When attempting to redeem the code, players found an official notice that reads, "Those who have selected PS4 as their platform of choice for the Dead Island 2 beta will receive access 30 days before Xbox One and PC users."

Unfortunately, there's no word on when the beta might start and publisher Deep Silver has yet to reveal any additional methods to enter the test. We expect more information soon, as Dead Island 2 is slated to debut in early 2015.
[Image: Deep Silver]
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