Pandora's revamped radio apps make it easier to personalize your tunes

Take a look at Pandora's current app interface and you'll notice that personalization (outside of the signature thumb buttons) takes a back seat -- it's relatively hard to get just the right mix of artists in your radio stream. That shouldn't be a problem in the near future, as Pandora has just previewed an overhaul of its mobile apps that makes personalization a centerpiece feature. You can now tap a button to view a station's history and add influences, such as artists or songs; the app also lets you revisit your thumb rankings, and you can even "unthumb" tracks that you're tired of hearing.

As you've probably noticed, customization isn't the only big deal here. The revamped apps tout a cleaner look that gives you a better sense of where you are in the interface, and it's easier to learn more about artists. Pandora hasn't said when everyone will get the new software, but it just released a beta version that's available to about 3 percent of Android and iPhone users. You won't get the new listening experience right away, then, but you'll at least know what to expect when the update arrives in earnest.