Square's new restaurant delivery app lets you track your meal

Square's seemingly odd decision to buy a restaurant delivery service is starting to make sense. The company has just released Caviar's first mobile app for iOS, letting you order high-quality cooking from your iPhone in eligible cities like Chicago, New York and San Francisco. You've probably seen the basic concept of a delivery app before, but there's a clever twist here. This is more like Uber for haute cuisine; you can not only check the status of your order, but follow couriers as they bring your meal. In theory, you won't be caught off-guard when your food arrives.

There's no mention of apps for other platforms. However, it won't be surprising if those are coming soon. To Square, Caviar is a way to keep restaurants using its payment services whether or not you visit their dining rooms -- it's in the company's best interests to save you the trouble of booking a table when you'd rather stay in.