Stick Nodes: Bringing stick figures to life

Users create animations featuring stick figures in Stick Nodes

Crazy stick figure dances, a stick figure ninja battle, and insane animations are just a few of the fun things users can create in Stick Nodes. Animated gifs can be made from piecing together individual frames featuring stick figure characters. Stick Nodes is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later but looks best on larger screens.

Stick Nodes is an extensive animation program that includes the ability to create almost any stick figure shape. There is the option to customize each stick figure's shape, color, and segment thickness. This means users can create a team of robot dinosaurs attacking a miniature city if they want to, all from their phone or tablet. This makes creating silly gifs to share with friends easy and accessible.

Users can add background colors and multiple stick figures to any animation in Stick Nodes

Stick Nodes performs very well for a mobile animation program. Users can add as many stick figures and objects as they want with hardly any performance loss, even when exporting a gif. Depending on the amount of objects users are animating and how long the gif will be, the exporting process takes less than a minute in most cases.

There is a lot of attention to detail in the creation of this app, especially with the inclusion of frame-tweening. This helps smooth out animations by creating an intermediate animation to link different actions together. This feature improves the quality of most of the animations users create and makes Stick Nodes feel more like a tool that is fun to use and less like a toy.

Users can have more than one stick figure in the frame at one time in Stick Nodes

One downside to Stick Nodes is that it has an ad pop up when users launch the app. While this is a little annoying, this is the only ad you will see in the app. When trying to animate on a smaller screen, the buttons can be hard to tap, however, this problem goes away when animating on a larger screen.

Stick Nodes is free on the App Store and recommended for anyone looking for a fun and creative way to share gifs with their friends.