You can now pre-order a 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 (update: sold out)

20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4

Been jonesing for that matte gray, extra-limited 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4? It's time to take action. As promised, Sony is now taking pre-orders for the commemorative game console in the US. Plunking down $500 will get you the system, a special controller and a PlayStation Camera in the PS1's distinctive-yet-drab colors. If you're successful, your unit should ship on December 21st. You'd better act fast if you want this machine, however. With just 12,300 systems shipping worldwide, you probably can't buy one for much longer -- Sony's store is already buckling under the demand. If you miss out, you can always live vicariously through Joystiq's unboxing of the special-run PS4.

Update: To absolutely no one's surprise, the Sony Store already says it's "out of stock." There's no certainty that this is the only batch the company is selling, but you may have to resort to auction sites from here on out.