Aim to add up number tiles perfectly with Funb3rs

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George Tinari
December 8th, 2014
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Aim to add up number tiles perfectly with Funb3rs
Funb3rs screenshot

Hey, look! It's a game with numbers that doesn't build off of the same concepts as Threes and 2048. Funb3rs is a multiplayer title with the objective being to gather all the numbers on the grid that add up to equal the number at the top. Glide your finger along the randomized number tiles to add them together, then use those arithmetic skills you suppressed from elementary school to match the number exactly. Oh, and hurry up, because you're on a time limit. The game is free for iPhone and iPad with in-app purchases.

Funb3rs features a square grid of 16 numbers ranging from 1 to 9 in random order. Above that are three important indicators: the time, the goal and your current score. The game gives you two minutes to run through as many number matches as possible to get a high score or beat your opponent.

The middle number is the one you're looking to match. For example, if the number is 27, you have to drag your finger across number tiles with a sum of 27. The game isn't picky about how you get there, just as long as you get there. Move your finger up, down, left, right, even diagonally, it doesn't matter. The numbers add up. Just no skipping over any numbers and picking them at random points on the grid.

Funb3rs screenshot

It's in your best interest to sign in with Facebook since this is mainly a multiplayer game. If you have Facebook friends, it's easy to challenge them to a game. Otherwise, select a Funb3rs player at random to play against. The multiplayer mode is asynchronous, so it's one player's two-minute shot at scoring big then the other's, not simultaneous gameplay.

I didn't have any friends with this game so I was forced to choose one at random. Unfortunately, after multiple attempts I couldn't get an opponent that was actually playing the game. Every time I matched up with a player, they stayed under the "Waiting" status until I gave up and ditched them. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the game itself or if all the players are just lazy, but something to look into for now.

I'm not sure why, but the Funb3rs doesn't choose to advertise the single player mode very much. It does exist and it's rather fun on its own because beating your own high score every time is gratifying enough. This is just called "Training" mode, but the developers should really consider just making this a full-fledged single player option. It's an attractive mode. There's also pass-and-play for playing with friends physically in your presence.

Funb3rs screenshot

That mode, though, is available as an in-app purchase as are many other features. The game includes a few power-ups for doubling your score once during a round and freezing time for a few seconds, but other power-ups come in packs for US$0.99. Pass-and-play, unlimited chatting with friends, ad removal and more are also upgrades for $0.99 each, just to name a few.

Looking past the slightly cringeworthy name, Funb3rs is some pretty decent fun with math and numbers. It's not shoving math down your throat but rather embracing it in an entertaining manner. There are some kinks that need working out with multiplayer mode for the time being though. Grab the game free with in-app purchases in the iOS App Store.
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