Bravely Default sequel lights up Japan in April 2015

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Bravely Default sequel lights up Japan in April 2015
Bravely Second is flying fairly to Japan on April 23, 2015, though there still isn't word on a Western release. The Bravely Default sequel was due on Japan's retail shelves this winter, but perhaps the publisher thought releasing it prematurely was unacceptable.

So, while Japan has to wait a little longer, it can look forward to a shiny-looking collector's pack at launch. The package is on offer for 14,800 yen ($123), and its extras include the "200 years later" companion art book and novel, a "mini soundtrack" on CD, a notebook, a Pope Agnes mini-figure (yes, Pope Agnes), a strap detailed with new character Magnolia, and a code that adds unspecified in-game content.

On the flipside, Japan doesn't have to wait too long before it can take Bravely Second out for a test run. A demo is coming to the country's 3DS eShop tomorrow, December 10, and as Gematsu reports it mirrors the first game by including its own exclusive story, and users can transfer their demo data into the full game.

In Bravely Second, returning heroine Agnes is the new pope (yes, pope) of an organization called the Crystal Orthodoxy. So it's lucky that when Agnes gets kidnapped, the Orthodoxy has knights on hand and the aid of "daredevil" protagonist Magnolia to rescue her worship, all while clad in a fashionable variety of job-based garments.
[Image: Square Enix]
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