McDonald's is bringing touchscreen ordering to the US

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It turns out that people aren't eating as many McHamburgers as they used to, which is a big problem if your business is all about slinging meat. So McDonald's is hoping the novelty of its "Create Your Taste" ordering kiosks will lure some customers back in. The machines will be installed in 2,000 of its US outlets by the end of 2015. Instead of just walking up to the counter and ordering, users will be given the option to McCustomize their McMeal on a touchscreen. That includes everything from choosing chicken over beef, skipping the fatty mayo or picking sweet potato fries. Unfortunately, the privilege of being able to order a Big Mac minus special sauce on a ciabatta without getting the stink eye will cost you a premium, both in terms of prep time and cash.

But don't fret for the underpaid cashiers -- they'll now be underpaid pseudo waiters that deliver your food to your table (like a real restaurant). It's hoped that this blending of not-so-fast food, technology and choice will be enough to win back younger, more health-conscious customers and rouse the company out of its slump. As Bob Nibeel, a McDonald's franchise owner told USA Today (with a twinge of sadness in his voice), "most millennials would rather deal with a computer, iPad, iPhone than actually have interaction with another human being." Leave it to McDonald's to offer the most depressing of observations about our society.