Upcoming alchemy and jewelcrafting changes

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Adam Koebel
December 10th, 2014
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Upcoming alchemy and jewelcrafting changes

Rygarius has just announced some upcoming changes to the alchemy and jewelcrafting professions. Based on player feedback, alchemy recipes will now require more herbs (and no meat or fish) and jewelcrafting recipes will require less herbs (and more ore).

We're giving a heads up on adjustments being made based on player feedback over the amount of herbs used in recipes by Alchemy and Jewelcrafting. The adjustment will increase the amount of herbs an Alchemist needs and decrease the herb costs for Jewelcrafters.

Overview of Changes:

  • Combat potion recipes no longer requires Crescent Oil and meat/fish, and will require herbs instead.
  • Flask recipes will use more herbs, increasing the number of herbs needed from one type of herb to two.
  • Tier 1 gem recipes will require more ore and less herbs.
  • Tier 2 gem recipes will no longer require herbs and instead require a tier 1 gem.
In summary, these changes are not active yet. But once the change is active, Alchemists will need more herbs, and Jewelcrafting will need less.

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