Dish finally lets you restart live content on your Hopper

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Dish finally lets you restart live content on your Hopper

Yes, Dish went through a tough time recently with certain TV networks, but this didn't stop it from working to make the experience better for subscribers in the meantime. Today, the satellite provider announced a few new features that'll likely be welcomed with open arms by its customers. The main highlight is that the Hopper receiver now gives viewers the option to start watching live shows and movies from the beginning, so long as the content is part of Dish's video on-demand catalog -- this is similar to Time Warner Cable's "Start Over" feature, which is only available on some programming.

Dish is also making it easier for you to binge-watch your favorite shows, thanks to a newly added pop-up window that shows up after each episode, while closed captioning can now be easily turned on by pressing the green button on your Hopper's remote. The rollout for these additions is said to have been completed already, so you should be able to try them out during your next viewing session.

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