Team Fortress 2 reaches the End of the Line, finds ducks

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The RED and BLU teams of Team Fortress 2 have reached the End of the Line, according to Valve. And no, that's not a capitalization error on our part. A new update to the PC version of the game - dubbed "End of the Line" - has been released, bringing with it a special event that will run until January 5.

Along with 21 cosmetic items designed to keep your army warm in the cold winds of winter, a new taunt for the Pyro and a new multi-class melee weapon, the event will focus on ... ducks. Yup.

Collectible ducks, duck journals, duck tokens, duck statistics. You want ducks, Team Fortress 2's got ducks. It's all inspired by a community film - also titled "End of the Line" - that you can view after the break. Settle in for a bit of a ride though; with a 14-minute runtime, this is one of the longer fan films out there.

[Image: Valve/Team EOTL]
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