Amazon UK glitch sells thousands of products for a penny

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Nick Summers
December 15, 2014 6:36 AM
Amazon UK glitch sells thousands of products for a penny

Christmas is always an expensive time of year, but for some lucky Brits ordering gifts on Amazon, the festive celebrations may have kicked off a little early. You see, between 7pm and 8pm last Friday, listings on the website were affected by a price glitch, which discounted thousands of marketplace products to the insanely low price of 1p. However, Amazon wasn't directly to blame; the temporary price crash was actually triggered by Repricer Express, a service that third-party sellers use to automatically adjust their prices. The problem was quickly rectified though and Amazon says it cancelled the "vast majority" of purchases that did go through. Now that the dust has settled, the company is reviewing the transactions that were processed and says it'll follow up with disgruntled sellers directly, some of which have taken orders for stock worth tens of thousands of pounds. In other words, if you did manage to snap up an incredible penny bargain, it could soon be overturned, and if you were oblivious to the Friday night frenzy, you can now rest a little easier.

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