Apple found not guilty in iPod antitrust lawsuit

Today, Apple was found not guilty in an iPod antitrust case that was brought against it almost a decade ago. The decision comes after a week-long trial that accused the Cupertino company of forcefully locking in consumers into iTunes software and preventing them from using other services thanks to the now-defunct FairPlay DRM. Prosecuting attorney Patrick Coughlin said in the trial a few days ago that the DRM also caused non-iTunes music to disappear. Apple responded by saying the DRM was a security measure that protected consumers. In the end, the jury unanimously sided with Apple, stating that the product was legitimate. The plaintiffs' lawyers, who represent a group of iPod customers affected by the DRM, were looking for $350 million in damages, which could have easily tripled if Apple was found guilty.

[Image credit: jmcunnin2000/Flickr]