Sony can make any eyewear more like Google Glass

Sony has just announced a new attachable display module that can turn a "pair of fashionable glasses, goggles, sunglasses, or other type of eyewear" into smartglasses. And, yes, it's completely detachable so you can remove it whenever you want to. This module is comprised of a control board where the Bluetooth and WiFi sensors, processor and other components live, along with a 640x400 OLED microdisplay that serves as your screen. The company sees a long list of potential applications for sports, work and entertainment, so it plans to provide "partner organizations" with an SDK.

Aside from software developing partners, we reckon there could well be hardware makers looking to incorporate the module in their own devices. Sony's camera sensors, for instance, are found in Apple's iPhones. That's why we wouldn't be entirely surprised if Google chooses this single-lens display for its next-gen Glass eyewear -- after all, Mountain View's already ditching TI's OMAP processor for Intel -- even though this will barely improve the device's 640x360 resolution. Sony plans to start mass production in 2015, so we'll likely hear about new devices equipped with this module in a year or two.