EyeEm now lets you see how other users tweak their photos

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Nick Summers
December 18, 2014 6:31 PM
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EyeEm now lets you see how other users tweak their photos

Mobile photo editing apps are hardly in short supply these days, but EyeEm has attempted to stand out from the crowd with its focus on sharing, community and discovery. Now, only days after Instagram released a bunch of new filters, EyeEm is doing the same with a major overhaul of its editing tools. Similar to VSCO Cam, you can now pick from 24 different filters that apply subtle tweaks and a filmic color palette. EyeEm is also offering intensity sliders and editing tools that let you fine-tune your image, such as the exposure, contrast and vignette. But perhaps the most useful addition is a new feature called Open Edit. Now, when you're looking at other people's uploads, you can also review the settings they applied inside EyeEm. The app even offers a "try this edit" option so you can quickly apply the look to your own images. It's a neat idea that should encourage users to check out each other's work and steal -- ahem, adopt new edit combinations.

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