George R.R. Martin and indie cinemas want 'The Interview' to live on

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Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has called the cancellation of Sony's The Interview "a stunning display of cowardice," and says he'd be glad to show it in his own theater, the Jean Cocteau Cinema in New Mexico. Like other celebrities (including George Clooney), the Game of Thrones author is critical of both the chains and Sony itself, but the comments posted to his blog are particularly pointed. He says "it's a good thing these guys weren't around when Charlie Chaplin made The Great Dictator. If Kim Jong-Un scares them, Adolf Hitler would have had them shitting in their smallclothes." He ends the post saying "come to Santa Fe, Seth [Rogen], we'll show your film for you."

R.R. Martin is not the only one hoping Sony will reverse its decision. Before the studio pulled the plug entirely, Los Angeles' independent arthouse cinema Cinefamily promised to show the film if major theaters wouldn't, while Texas' Alamo Drafthouse also pledged support (and offered to screen Team America: World Police instead when Sony canceled the release). Across the pond, one of the UK's leading independent cinemas says it's also willing to brave the threats to show the movie.

Speaking to Engadget, The Prince Charles Cinema (PCC) notes that "the threat around the potential screenings of The Interview is obviously something that can't be ignored," but praises Cinefamily's decision in offering to screen the movie. "Their stance on this situation is one we share and we'd happy to screen The Interview, without hesitation." It would be a bizarre end to a troubling story if a movie with a $40-million-plus budget ended up finding a home in arthouse cinemas, but whether any theater ends up showing The Interview is down to Sony now. "The decision to do so is out of all our hands," says the PCC, "but the screens are ready and waiting should Sony change [its] mind."

Additional reporting by Steve Dent.

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