iGo's electric Fatbike takes the grunt-work out of climbing

We realize that the market for a nearly $4,000 bicycle is going to be fairly limited -- especially when it's made for serious off-roading -- but bear with us for a moment. The iGo Electric Fatbike is a bit different than the electric two-wheelers we've seen before because, for one, well, it's a fatbike. Meaning, it's specially designed to tackle both snow, sand or other soft terrain with relative ease. To make those typically undesirable substrates (or maybe just the road to your favorite deli) a little easier to get across, the iGo will match your pedal input with its electric motor and 12Ah Panasonic battery. Pedal faster and you'll get a bigger boost, slower and it'll cut back on the push; there are an adjustable ten levels of power assistance, too. The designers seem pretty far along on the process and say they're hitting Kickstarter to setup their new assembly facility and complete the first production run. Want in? All it takes is 3,595 Canadian dollars.