The five worst console games of 2014

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Danny Cowan
December 25th, 2014
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The five worst console games of 2014
2014 may have been the worst year yet for bad console games -- they're practically extinct at this point. Sure, many of this year's games were divisive, or flawed, or buggy, but few were outright terrible. Ballooning budgets force AAA games to maintain some degree of quality control (well, mostly), and even the indies have gotten their act together, producing modestly scoped, reasonably priced games that aren't all that upsetting even when they disappoint.

As a lover of trash, I'm troubled.

Fortunately, a few truly awful games rose to the top of the garbage heap to sparkle as gleaming, irredeemable turds. I'm glad to have played these games, but I think we, as an industry, can do better. Let's vow to release more bad games in 2015. And not just bad games for Duck Dynasty fans, either - let's make bad games that all of us can enjoy.
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