Joystiq Streams: Far Cry 4 for four straight hours

There are only 2.5 days of 2014 left! How are we going to knock everything off our annual bucket list in less than 72 hours! There was so much left to do. Visiting a new country. Climbing a mountain near Everest without having to actually climb Everest. Tricking a honey badger into fighting an eagle. Jumping a jeep off of an exceptionally miffed elephant. Wait a second... we can probably knock all of these off in a single afternoon. To Far Cry 4!

Joystiq's going to live it up Kyrat style today with four hours of Far Cry 4 starting at 1:00PM EST on Tune in at the beginning to check out the very beginning of the game before we take a break and restart past the halfway mark of the campaign. regularly broadcasts at 4:00PM EST every Tuesday and Thursday. Want to catch all our streams like this weirdo Far Cry 4 expedition? Follow us on Twitch.

[Images: Ubisoft]