iPhone 6 Plus spends Christmas in the snow and survives

iphone in snow

Living in an area where several feet of snow is a regular occurrence for several months every year means the constant fear of dropping your precious smartphone into a pile of the powdery white stuff. I remember waking up one morning to find that I had dropped my iPhone 4 on my short walk to my car the previous day and was amazed that after a night buried in the snow and ice it still powered up. This iPhone 6 test suggests that Apple's latest smartphone would also come away unscathed.

To see just how well the iPhone 6 Plus deals with the winter chill, YouTuber TechRax buried the phone in a mound of snow for a solid 24 hours starting on Christmas Eve. Upon its rescue from the frigid elements the device was still perfectly functional, though the camera makes it hard to see the action on the screen itself. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus aren't officially rated as being waterproof or even water resistant, though many have noted that it performs remarkably well in terms of keeping moisture out.