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DayZ alpha first-week sales exceed 400,000, dev outlines update plans


It's been an eventful couple of weeks for DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive, which has provided a state of the union update on the Early Access build. After launching on December 16, DayZ has sold over 400,000 copies on Steam and saw a peak concurrent user count top out at over 40,000 players.

Bohemia Interactive issued three updates to the game so far and creator Dean "Rocket" Hall even outlined plans for feature roll-outs throughout 2014. Plans are to eventually implement better anti-hacking security, introduce cooking mechanics and even give players the ability to hunt animals.

In an update issued in early December, Hall called the standalone Alpha version "a platform for future development" and stressed caution for those expecting a fully-realized product when buying the Early Access version. Hall has said he is considering Xbox One and PS4 ports, though nothing has been officially announced at this time.

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