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FTL: Advanced Edition adds new species of alien scavengers


If everything goes according to plan, "early 2014" should see the debut of FTL: Advanced Edition, a free expansion for intergalactic roguelike FTL: Faster Than Light adding a new alien species and new subsystems for your ship, among a host of other features.

Like oversized metal locusts, the Lanius are driven by an insatiable desire to consume. Unlike locusts however, the Lanius subsist on metals and have no need for biological processes such as eating or breathing. While a lack of air might choke out less virulent species, the Lanius just shrug it off, completely removing their need for functioning life support systems on board a ship.

Surprisingly, this apathy toward oxygen may be a beneficial adaptation as members of the Lanius species innately drain all oxygen from the air surrounding them. As you'd expect, this makes them poor diplomats but excellent candidates for a boarding party.

Along with the new race comes new subsystems and drones. These include a new battery backup subsystem which provides reserve power in a pinch and a drone designed specifically to hunt and destroy other drones. Helpfully, developer Subset Games will introduce a third layout option for every ship found in FTL that should offer a bit more room for your new gadgets.

If booting up your laptop or desktop computer seems too strenuous, you'll be happy to know that FTL: Advanced Edition will also be appearing on iOS, marking the game's first appearance on a mobile platform.

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