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Soundfreaq unveils its range of Bluetooth speakers for 2014


Soundfreaq may not have bothered with a spell-check, but the company clearly made some effort creating its latest gear with a pair of Bluetooth speakers and a refreshed version of its alarm clock. The Jambox-class Pocket Kick retails for $100, packing a 10-hour battery and speakerphone, while the $120 Double Spot looks to be squaring off against the Big Jambox. One neat innovation concerning the Double Spot, however, is that the device retails without a built-in battery, but if you want one, you can either buy one for $40, or special order a unit for $150. Rounding out the set is the revamped $70 Sound Rise, which sees the digital display moved to the top of the hardware and loses the lower docking plinth. Naturally, all three come with Bluetooth 4.0, USB and 3.5mm line-in ports as standard, and will arrive in June, June and April, respectively.

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Jamie Rigg contributed to this report.

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