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McQuaid's MMO is Pantheon: Rise of The Fallen [Updated]

MJ Guthrie

Thanks to some sleuthing of one fan, the name of Brad McQuaid's upcoming MMO has been discovered -- and confirmed -- on Twitter. Behold Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen! Unfortunately, the name of the project is the only tidbit of information that has been confirmed so far, although additional information has been compiled as to who might actually be a part of the development team: Noell Walling, Tony Vhalen Garcia, Ben de la Durantaye, James Rochelle, and Corey LeFever. It also appears that SOE is the registrar for the domain, but there is no indication of what that might mean.

For those who are concerned about how McQuaid will handle this new project, he acknowledged that due to his initial big success, he "became extremely arrogant, thinking whatever [he] touched would turn into gold," but he learned from his mistakes and is looking forward.

[Thanks to BaBaGraPL for the tip!]

[Update: Pantheon's PR has contacted us to clarify that SOE is not involved in the project and that the reference was an error on the early version of the site. We've also tucked some awesome new logo art behind the break.]

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