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Breakfast Topic: Your WoW superstitions


Reader Tamiller wrote in with a great suggestion for a Breakfast Topic, so I just had to take it and write it up. What are your WoW superstitions? Tamiller gives the following example:
When I was raiding Naxx in Wrath, some people in my guild insisted that killing Mr. Bigglesworth at the beginning destroyed the chances of getting really good drops off the bosses. If someone went and killed him all hell broke loose, people got really upset...
And I have one of my own! I remember back in the day, I was lucky enough to get the Horseman's Reins relatively quickly, and it became my mount of choice for arenas. It has two different noises when you hit the mountspecial and make it rear, and I managed to convince myself that I had to make it make the lower pitched of the two, or we'd lose. Like many superstitions, it probably became a self-fulfilling prophecy, as when it didn't happen I was preoccupied, so played worse. When it did I was more confident and we won more.

I eventually started using a different mount. It was for the best. But what about you? What bizarre or perfectly normal WoW superstitions do you harbor?

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