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Drakengard director 'can't have enough money' to make PS4 entry


If you're a Drakengard fan interested in the completely hypothetical "Drakengard 4" reaching the PlayStation 4, you should know that Drakengard 3 Director Yoko Taro shares the sentiment!

Unfortunately, wanting something doesn't generate mounds of cash, and Taro's response to a fan on Twitter explained that while he hopes to make such a PS4 title, he "can't have enough money for development."

Initial calls for Taro to take the project to Kickstarter were reasonably met with Taro noting that Drakengard is a Square Enix IP. Perhaps Taro's funding budget will be re-evaluated if enough fan interest is generated when Drakengard 3 spreads its wings over Western territories in 2014.

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