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Report: Ultra Street Fighter 4's fifth mystery character tied to comics

S. Prell, @SamPrell

An undisclosed source has reportedly given Siliconera a hint about the fifth, mystery fighter to join the Ultra Street Fighter 4 cast. That hint: this character can be seen in one of the Street Fighter comic series. Quick, to the comic book store!

Shoryuken speculates that the unannounced fighter could be Sarai Kurosawa, friend to series veteran Ibuki. She meets the criteria for hints dropped thus far and had a cameo appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken, which is where the previous four Ultra Street Fighter 4 cast additions most recently appeared.

Still, nothing's certain yet, so anything at this point is really just a guess. Hopefully we'll know more before Ultra Street Fighter 4 beats us to a pulp in June.

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