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The advice you would give to your newbie self

We all started playing World of Warcraft at some point, and at that point we were probably dreadful newbies, wandering around aimlessly without any idea how the world around us worked. We knew nothing. We made bad choices. We (hopefully) learned from our mistakes to become the (hopefully) better players that we are today.

Looking back, those first days in WoW certainly could have gone better -- and depending on how early you jumped into the game, the newbie experience could definitely be rocky. So today, we're asking what advice you would give to your newbie self if you had the chance. For my part, the message would be to enjoy spending time with in-game friends while you can -- the game may still be around, but as friends have come and gone the game, for me, has changed because of it.

But perhaps you have more practical advice to offer. What gameplay tips would you have to share? Or maybe you'd want to avoid wasting time and frustration and tell yourself to pick a certain class, profession, or even guild. Tell us!

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