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'Escape' short film goes full-length with 'Princess In Another Castle'

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Escape, a short film released in October of 2012, is making a comeback, only this time as a feature-length production called Princess In Another Castle. The original film told the story of a young girl who escaped real-world teasing, trouble with schoolwork, fighting parents and domestic violence by playing The Legend of Zelda on her GameCube. The original film lasted roughly eight minutes. Princess In Another Castle, according to announcement by writer and director Kennedy J. Baruch, will be 90 minutes long.

Since Princess In Another Castle is an adaptation, the story is more or less the same, as are the thematic elements. However, details have changed and been expanded on. The story now takes place in 1996, and instead of a GameCube and just Zelda, the girl will escape to several classic titles played on her NES. Baruch emphasized that the upcoming film will be more technically accurate, though he will be taking artistic liberties by making Earthbound one of the games played by the young girl.

We suggest you go back and watch the original Escape, but bring tissues and a steel resolve if you do.

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