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Griffin updates its PowerMate and StudioConnect hardware for 2014


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If you think that the best part about making music is twiddling the knobs, then Griffin's CES announcements will be right up your alley. You see, the company is updating both its StudioConnect portable iPad studio and the PowerMate jog dial for movie and music editors. The StudioConnect HD now features a pair of XLR inputs, USB and five-pin MIDI support, dedicated monitor controls and can handle both 30-pin and Lightning-based iPads. The PowerMate Bluetooth, unsurprisingly, breaks free from the tyranny of cables, offering iMovie and GarageBand users the chance to cycle through files without the need of a mouse. Naturally, the clickable wheel is also highly customizable, enabling you to craft a wide variety of utilities that can use the hardware. The StudioConnect HD will, a little annoyingly, not arrive until the fall, where it'll set you back $200, while the PowerMate will be here in the summer, priced up at $60.

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