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Road Warrior Bluetooth speaker plans to amp up your tailgating with 200 watts

Alexis Santos

If the average portable Bluetooth speaker doesn't pack enough audio punch for your liking, Ion's just revealed a titan that just might meet your needs. Dubbed the Road Warrior, the firm's 200-watt wireless stereo system packs a duo of ten-inch woofers paired with two one-inch tweeters. In addition to Bluetooth streaming capabilities, the box also boasts an AM/FM radio and an 1/8-inch jack. When it comes to power, the package can rely on its built-in battery, a wall plug or the 12 volt outlet in your auto. The kit was designed for occasions like tailgating events and cookouts, so it's fitting that the speakers are contained in a cloth-covered box reminiscent of car audio gear. A price tag and release date are MIA, but expect more information as CES -- and 2014 -- continues.

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