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Tales of Zestiria's protagonist Alicia detailed

Being born into royalty is a great thing if you're on top, or at least next in line for the throne - everyone else is just stuck waiting to even touch a crown for years. According to a Famitsu interview with Tales of Zestiria Producer Hideo Baba, as translated by Siliconera, protagonist Alicia holds the lowest-ranking seat among her family. That's alright though, as Alicia seems much more interested in filling the role of a knight than waiting around to rule.

She's described as being a bit on the serious side, which will offset the more upbeat, optimistic attitude of her traveling partner, Slay. Baba also said that Zestiria's combat will use "an evolved form of the current linear-motion battle system."

As we learned from Zestiria's debut trailer, a series-first focus on dragons will be present, but it's still unknown to what extent that theme will be covered.

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