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CubePro 3D printer does up to three colors, can create basketball-sized objects

Brian Heater

It's hard to say whether "sub-$5,000" really qualifies as consumer-level pricing. We suspect that whatever the final cost of the new CubePro ends up being when it ships in Q2, it'll be priced at "prosumer" levels, at best. Still, the follow-up to the CubeX boasts some pretty enticing specs. Like its predecessor, the Pro can create prints the size of a standard basketball and can manage up to three colors at a time, with resolutions as fine as 75 microns. The printer itself is more enclosed than the last version, with a "controlled print chamber," which helps maintain the integrity of the print. And there is, naturally, built-in WiFi, so you can use the printer with the new Cubify iOS/Android mobile app.

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