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Digital Storm's Bolt 2 is a Steam Machine, dual-boots Windows and SteamOS


Digital Storm's latest Bolt is more than the standard tower we've seen from the PC boutique company in the past-- it's a Steam Machine! Well, sort of. It's also a regular PC, with the ability to dual-boot into both Windows and SteamOS. The biggest difference is that it ships with Valve's Steam Controller -- something you'll need if you're interested in playing any cursor-based games in your living room.

Confusingly, the Bolt 2 was previously teased with a starting price of just under $1,500; the latest update from Digital Storm puts it at a starting price of $1,899. Apparently this disparity comes down to power: "We decided to offer a more powerful entry level system," a company rep told us. No specs are available, but we previously heard you could outfit the box with a GPU as serious as NVIDIA's GTX Titan. We've reached out to Digital Storm for more, and expect we'll have all the details by later today when Valve holds its CES 2014 press conference. Bolt 2 is set to launch sometime this month.

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