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Polaroid's new bridge cameras pack WiFi sharing, as much as 50x optical zoom

Alexis Santos

In addition to the quirkier parts of its CES camera lineup, Polaroid's trotting out a line of bridge shooters with a healthy helping of optical zoom capabilities. Each device in the fleet features a 3-inch display and image sharing over WiFi. At the top of the range sits a model with 50x zoom (iE5036W), 18 megapixels, 1080p video-capture chops and a $299 price tag, with a nearly identical 40x zoom variant (iE4038W) perched just behind it. Interestingly, the version toting just 35x optics (Ixx353W) scores an upgrade to a 20-megapixel sensor. A cam with a 30x lens (iE3035W) helps bring up the rear, along with a 15x zoom flavor that drops its video resolution to 720p and its price to $149. If you intend to recruit one of these gadgets for your photographic endeavors, look for them to arrive in stores sometime this spring.

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