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Report: Square Enix Montreal's next-gen Hitman canceled, mobile game in development [update]


The major Hitman game under production at Square Enix Montreal has been canceled, according to a senior game designer's LinkedIn profile. The game was originally announced with the studio's founding in 2012. VideoGamer also notes another employee's LinkedIn profile, which claims the studio is currently working on a Hitman game for iOS and Android.

Don't fear, Agent 47 acolytes. Last we heard there was a second Hitman game in production at series founder IO Interactive.

Today's word seems to be more of clean-up job and public acknowledgement of the shake-up that occurred last year under the Square Enix umbrella. At the time, several projects were canceled and a new reporting structure was executed.

Update: Polygon received the following statement from a Square Enix representative:

"Io-Interactive is developing a new, AAA Hitman game that will be coming to PC and next-gen consoles and Square Enix Montreal is fully focused on mobile development of games some of which are related to the Hitman franchise. We look forward to sharing more details about these titles later this year."

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