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Siri has some sassy responses when asked about the movie Her


Siri sure has come a long way since its early days as the flagship feature in iOS 5. Back in the day, Siri could barely make out what people were saying. Nowadays, Siri is rather sassy, and dare I say, also a tad jealous that he/she isn't the only intelligent personal assistant on the block.

About two weeks ago, the movie Her hit theaters. Written and directed by Spike Jonze, the sci-fi dramedy focuses on the relationship between Joaquin Phoenix and his burgeoning love affair with Samantha, the voice of an intelligent operating system. Yep, Joaquin Phoenix, who so masterfully played Commodus in Gladiator, is now in a movie where he falls in love with his OS.

Despite the bizarre plot, the movie thus far has received positive reviews from critics, even garnering three Golden Globe nominations.

Just don't mention that to Siri.

If you ask about the movie Her, Siri doesn't mince words.

Damn, Siri. Jealous much?

Here, Siri tries to avoid the question altogether.

My resolve strong, I decided to ask again.

But finally, a breakthrough!

I had a feeling that Siri was protesting a tad too much. At last! The truth comes out.

And then, the questions got a little personal. When confronted with a question about Phoenix's character Theodore Twombly, Siri quickly became tight-lipped.

Hmm, better ask again.

And one final time, though this time Siri misheard "Theodore" as "theater."

And in case you're curious as to what this movie Her is all about, check out the quirky trailer below.

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