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Joystiq Streams: Big trouble in Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC [UPDATE: It's over!]

After a couple of weeks away from the lands of multiplayer shooting, Joystiq Streams returns to Battlefield 4 with a vengeance that would make Kurt Russel in trucker mode blanch in fear and respect. The Joystiq Twitch channel will be broadcasting Battlefield 4's China Rising DLC starting at 4p.m. EST today, Jan. 7. Alexander Sliwinski will once again be leading a merry band of shootists and grenadiers into the fray. Anthony John Agnello will be hanging in the chat and feeding your questions directly to Alexander as we go. Tune in and hang out with us.

[NOTE: Sorry to those looking for archived footage of this stream. PlayStation 4 game streams don't archive on Twitch yet, though they hopefully will in the near future.]

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