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Smedley is on a 'personal mission' to explain SOE's business decisions

Jef Reahard

John Smedley's been in the headlines a lot this week thanks to SOE's all-access plans and its subscription-benefits switcheroo. Now, the SOE CEO has taken to Reddit to explain the company's philosophy when it comes to monetization and game-making in general.

Smedley says that in the wake of this week's PR firestorm, he's "going to make it one of [his] personal missions to explain the thought process behind [SOE's] business decisions." He wrote, "I want to be able to have an honest enough dialog that I can actually tell you 'yeah this is important to our bottom line... that's why we did it'... and have you at least not question whether that's the real reason. [...] You may disagree with it, but at least you'll be able to make a reasonably informed judgment as to whether or not we're the greedy company some of you seem to think that we are, but at least you'll hear the why."

He says that while SOE is clearly a for-profit business, the firm's ultimate goal is to make good games first. He cites EverQuest Next Landmark as an example, saying that SOE rebooted the title three times, which led to a "massive delay [that] hurt [the studio] financially," even though it "was the right thing to do for [SOE] and for the industry."

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