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SOE cancels previous subscription changes, rolls out a bigger all-access pass

Eliot Lefebvre

When Sony Online Entertainment first announced its changes to the way subscription benefits would work from February on, players weren't happy. One of our columnists explained the reasons why the changes were a bad idea in great detail. SOE listened, stepped back, and according to a post on Reddit by John Smedley, is revising the plans again to better fit player needs. The subscription reward will still be in the form of Station Cash on a monthly basis rather than a single free item worth up to 2000 SC.

Under the new system, subscribing to the company's all-access pass will be priced at $14.99 a month, and subscribing to any PC title makes you an all-access member automatically. You still get 500 SC every month, and you can still stockpile it as before, but you will need to claim that benefit on a monthly basis rather than see it automatically dropped into your account. For more of the fine details on children's games with subscriptions and console games, take a look at Smedley's full post.

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