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Apple comes to its senses, will re-center iOS 7 page indicators


You're welcome.

All it took was my threat of a strongly worded letter to get Apple to correct the egregious wrong that it had committed in letting the iOS 7 page indicators drift aimlessly to the left. It seems that Apple's latest iOS 7 beta corrects the alignment of the tiny dots so that they are indeed perfectly centered once again.

The image above (full-size version here), which was created by Marc Edwards, director and lead designer at Bjango, shows how the centering of the page icons changed between various iterations of iOS. The drift began during the "iPhone OS 3" days, but became more pronounced in iOS 7. Now, with the upcoming release of iOS 7.1, the world will be set right once more.

OK, OK, so it almost certainly had nothing to do with my article, but I'm still extremely glad this little niggle has been addressed. That is, until iOS 13 launches and we realize those mischievous dots have begun rolling to one side once again.

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