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Here's a smart tennis racquet that'll improve your swing


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Unless you're Novak Djokovic or John McEnroe, then it's highly unlikely that you're able to take advantage of the computer-assisted coaching used by tennis pros. Like Sony, French racquet maker Babolat is hoping to bring such tech to the masses with the Play Pure Drive, a smart racquet that's packed full of sensors. The gear inside measures gyroscopic and vibrational data to show how many backhand and forehand swings you've made and where they've hit on the strings. You needn't worry that the sensors will weigh you down either, as the handle was designed to weigh the same as a normal model. Naturally, all of this data is pushed over Bluetooth to your smartphone, where the accompanying app will analyze your data after the fact, and give you helpful hints. For instance, if you're hitting it too close to your open throat, then the app will advise you how to get better. There's also a social component that lets you see how far your skills match up to Babolat's team of professional testers - although given that the top-ranked name on that list is Rafael Nadal, it might add to that inferiority complex.

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