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EU Heroic raider helps forums through Flex


There have been a good number of threads on the EU forums lately from would-be flex raiders complaining how they can't get into groups because they lack achievements or ilvl. While many would just tell them to learn to play, or turn a blind eye, heroic raider Anabelle of Revolution, EU-Kazzak-H has taken action. Anabelle has put together an "experiment" raid, with low ilvl requirements, and comprising of inexperienced players taken exclusively from the EU forums.

The sole purpose of the raid is to get forumers the achievements they need, and to hopefully get them some gear too. Anabelle's rule set prioritizes players who don't have relevant achievements, before taking players who do. Players need an item level of 520, and to bring along flasks and potions, Anabelle's covering the food. The first raid is scheduled at 1500 CET on Saturday.

And that's pretty awesome. Anabelle doesn't want to boost people, rather to have them work as a team, and is asking for nothing in return. Just to prove that a group of inexperienced people in 520 item level gear can do Flex, with leadership. It's a great initiative, we'd like to give Anabelle a special nod for being über, and helping out those fellow forumers who are struggling. Hopefully there'll be more of the same to follow!

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