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Image credit: celebrates 5 years, looks at the past to shape its future


It's been five years since (Good Old Games) launched, though the team spent over a year prior working in secret, preparing for launch. This is just one of the many factoids dropped in the mini-documentary above chronicling the rise of the DRM-free classic games service.

A lot of the video focuses on the run-up to launch and when GOG shut down, but there are other interesting facts to glean. GOG has gifted 18 million games to users so far and sold at least one game in more than 190 countries. It would take 360 million hours to play all of the games that have been downloaded on GOG, and users have an average of 14 games each. As of right now, GOG has 190 indie games, more than 250 Mac games and over 650 games total in its catalogue.

Regarding the future, there are only two certainties: GOG will remain DRM-free and they'll never pretend to be monks again.

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