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Kurio 7x 4G LTE tablet gives kids Verizon data on those long family drives


Sure, you can give your kids a child-friendly tablet to keep them entertained during the trip to Grandma's, but what if they want to play an online game or two? Techno Source has just introduced a rare cellular-equipped kids' tablet, the Kurio 7x 4G LTE, for that very purpose. As the name implies, the 7-inch Android slate has built-in Verizon data that keeps little tykes connected in most parts of the US. Per-app parental controls prevent Junior from visiting salacious websites or streaming music after bedtime. The company hasn't shared many hardware details, but the presence of a (sadly unnamed) quad-core processor should give the tablet enough performance to handle at least 2D games and browsing. While there's no mention of pricing just yet, the LTE-toting Kurio is expected to ship in time for that big summer vacation.

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