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Origin's Genesis and Millennium PC cases take customization, expansion to new heights


Honestly, gaming PC cases are already pretty customizable and flexible, but Origin seems to think there's room for improvement. In order to accommodate as many possible configurations of components, Origin has made it possible to mount a motherboard in one of four different orientations: standard ATX, inverted ATX, rotated 90 degrees or rotated 90 degrees and inverted. That means it can handle practically any combination of high-powered graphics cards and over-the-top water-cooling systems you can imagine. In addition, the company will be selling an expansion kit that will turn the mid-tower Millennium into the full-tower-sized Genesis that allows you to add either a giant radiator or 24 additional hard drives. Though, even the Millennium has room for five hot-swappable drives. So you should be pretty set on storage even with the "entry-level" model. And we use that phrase pretty loosely, since the Millennium starts at $1,629 and the Genesis weighs in at $1,849. You can see the whole system in action after the break.

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