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$480 million pledged to Kickstarter in 2013


3 million people together pledged $480 million to Kickstarter across 2013, so perhaps the crowdfunding fad isn't so faddy. We josh, because an upswing from 2.2 million pledgers and $320 million pledged in 2012 is definitely not faddy.

That takes the total amount of dosh pledged via Kickstarter since its inception to $939 million - nearly a cool billion - accumulated from almost 13 million pledges. The games category still represents the largest chunk of that pie, with $202 million pledged across just over 8000 projects, and $186 million of that collected by successfully-funded projects.

There are no game-specific stats in this year's Kickstarter rundown, unfortunately. For an in-depth look at Kickstarter and Indiegogo games funding over the last seven months or so (that's how long it's been going!), check in with the always supertastic Crowdfund Bookie.

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